Our project for product development is engaged in R&D of pesticides technical products synthesis and new formulations.

With advanced equipment and laboratory and cooperating with scientific research centers, our company engineers devote in trials and experiments to carry out the better performed synthesis ways that guarantee much pure in active ingredients and lower impurities. We do our best to make contributions in environment protection for the world.


With the development of pesticides, the functions of formulations have been reflected and we are increasingly aware of the importance of formulation research for the promotion and application of new varieties of pesticides.

We are committed to processing products with good advantages in high content (generally at 50%-80%), high density ratio, easy to store and transport, good effect and stable quality in order to improve the efficacy and prolong the service life of effective potions; increase the efficiency of pesticide use and expand the limits of application.

We have already had more than 50 categories for exporting including some products of EC,SC,SL,SP,WP,WSG,WDG etc.,WDG and WSG have been the fastest developed type of our company in previous years and now they’re becoming more and more widespread.


Thiamethoxam 25% WDG